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STR 702 : Tour Assistant

Staff in these positions assist and provide office support to the artist, tour manager, band, and crew. Duties include travel arrangements, such as booking airfare, hotels, and ground transportation, or scheduling tour bus and drivers; confirming catering specifications; handling meet and greets, and other issues related to the tour.

This Course is an initiative of Govt. of Maharashtra. The undertaking Skill Development & Entrepreneurship Development Department is paying the fees for course attendees having age above  18 years & min education qualification of 10+2.

After completing the course one will also get a Sector Skill Council Certificate & job assistance in private sectors* Hurry up. For Carrier in Travel & Tourism Industry Join the Session STR  702: Tour Assistant

Type Lesson Title Time
Visit to a nearby Travel Agency15 Days
Development of Effective Communication and Listening Skills15 Days
Development of presentation Skill. Practice, Co-ordinating skills & Problem solving15 Days
Computer & Internet Operational Skills:15 Days
Tour: Study of Atlas/map of different cities/towns/ country15 Days
Co-ordination with Travel and Tourism institution like Tour Agency, Hotels 15 Days
Practice on use of first aid, Liaison with leading Specialist/Doctor/nursing home/ hospital for Emergency15 Days
Familiarization with the name and location of different assemblies of motor vehicles15 Days
Preliminary checking of the vehicle before driving15 Days
Procedure of ticketing & ticket/Hotel booking & Cancellation.15 Days
Procedure of getting IATA certificate (International Air Transport Association)15 Days
Practical & Examination15 Days

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