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PTR 604: Tribal Development

Development of Tribal Population is a key issue in our country for up-lift of socio-economically backward classes in India. Major problems of tribal community are illiteracy, low level of education, poor health conditions, poverty and unemployment, lack of development opportunities and above all, insensitivity towards development.
Maharashtra is one of the 17 states in the country with tribal population. Union and State Governments are implementing plans for development of Tribal community but the efforts are lacking political willingness or there is administrative apathy in implementing the plans. This is our small effort to uplift the thought process of tribal youth & try to bring them to mainstream of Development. Assist us to implement the Tribal Development programs in maximum colleges in tribal areas.

Type Lesson Title Time
Q&A session30 minutes
What is development ?30 Minutes
Where are you ? 30 minutes
Tips For Personality Development1 hour
PPT presentation30 Minutes

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