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PTR 605: Person Or Personality ?

A person is an individual; the individual may be human or a legal person, e.g. a corporation. Personality describes the set of characteristics that a human person has – mercurial, quiet, energetic, whatever. In this line of conversation, character reflects the set of values a human person has. It is usually framed in the positive –
‘ She has an excellent character.’ The alternate meaning applies to a role, for example the characters in a play.

For know more join our course Who are you ? PTR 605: Person Or Personality ?

Type Lesson Title Time
Lesson 1 Know Yourself10 minutes
Lesson 2 Break The cage of Fear30 Minutes
Lesson 3 Dream Big 20 Minutes
Lesson 4 Set your own Goals30 Minutes
Lesson 5 Confess to Yourself Everyday20 Minutes
Lesson 6 Grow your Friends 20 Minutes
Lesson 7 Overtake the Hurdles30 Minutes
Q&A Session20 Minutes

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