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LDP 406: Managing Multiple Teams & Teamwork

Good human relations and management of people is vital and essential quality for success in any field of endeavour. A detailed investigation shows that even in technical field like engineering, only 15 percent of one’s technical knowledge and almost 85 percent is due to skill in managing people, personality and ability to lead people.
Every Team and the entire team is associated with human relations. Let’s understand how ?
Join our Course LDP 406: Managing Multiple Teams & Teamwork today and start building your dream team.

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction20 minutes
Lesson 1 Human Nature40 Minutes
Lesson 2 Maslow's Theory Of Hararchy of needs45 Minutes
Lesson 3 Herzberge's Motivational-hygiene theory45 Minutes
Lesson 4 Tips On Human Management45 Minutes
Lesson 5 A Model approach to Human Relations Problems30 Minutes
Lesson 6 Passion for Empowering45 minutes
Q&A Session30 minutes

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