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EDP 203 : Youth Entreprenuership

Youth entrepreneurship is the need of the hour because the country has a vast population of youth but not enough jobs to offer them. The entrepreneurs are one of the essential pillars of economic growth, job creation, empowerment and innovations gaining ground in India. It’s an important facet of unleashing individual creativity and energy for the purpose of greater common good.
Nurturing Youth Entrepreneurship can be highly beneficial for the society, economy as well as for the progress of the nation besides the individual’s self development and achievement too. We are trying to create more & more Yuva entrepreneurs in India through this EDP 203 : Youth Entrepreneurship

Type Lesson Title Time
Introduction20 minutes
Lesson 1 - Why to love what you do ?40 Minutes
Lesson 2 - How to take baby steps ?20 Minutes
Lesson 3 - Learn from others20 Minutes
Lesson 4 - Learn How to do self promotion ?20 Minutes
Lesson 5 - Build Reputation 30 Minutes
Lesson 6- Build a Team 20 Minutes
Lesson 7- Make A Plann20 Minutes
Lesson 8- Take Action20 minutes

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